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Church It's Praying Time

We often hear the phrase that "if there was every a time that we needed to pray now is the time", but are we really taking the time out to pray to God.

A few weeks ago our Young People Department hosted a Youth, Prayer, Praise and Fellowship and Breakfast event where we welcomed and embraced the opportunity to call on the name of Jesus.

Prayer gives space for you to open your heart to Jesus and tell him all about your problems and pains, but it is also a perfect moment to hear what he has to tell, learn of his promises, feel his love and build your relationship. Prayer is a way to spend intimate quality time with Jesus, he wants to hear everything about you both good and bad.

During the event the Young People began to open there hearts and the spirit of God swept the place and left us with a YES LORD in our spirits. When we entered the building before prayer we may have felt defeated, low, less than, unworthy, but after we called out to JESUS he filled us with strength, confidence, and VICTORY.

So we say this if you are going through something or just want to get right with the Lord and you tried everything else, but you haven't fell on your knees and cried out to Jesus, it's praying time.

Be Blessed!


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