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I Will Look Like Jesus

In the mirror what did I see

Was it Jesus or was it me,

I began to question what I saw

The image in the mirror did God draw for


My clothes were neat,

My thoughts were incomplete

My eyes were bright

But was I showing my light?

My lips were sealed

The Holy Spirit I did not fee,

My ears were open yet I did not hear,

I murmured and complained I did not


My speech my walk was in despair

It looked liked I just didn't care

I wanted my life on track

I had to fight to get my Jesus back

And I had to get things just right

I live by day and not by night

And walk by faith and not by sight

I'm strong in the Lord

and in the power of his might

I look like Jesus and I lived like he did

I speak the truth and live it to

And if I can do it you can too!

Sunday School Young People Class

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