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The True Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ allows you to experience healing, deliverance, and love through our many ministries. Our ministries offer different opportunities for members to give back to the community in honor of Our Savior, who sacrificed so much for us. We aim to share the love that we have to those who need it most. Read on to find out more!



Learning to Give Back

The True Apostolic Church of Jesus has provided the homeless in the community with dinners and hope. Our Feeding the Homeless ministry was established by Brother Douglas Hollis who has a heart of gold to take care of others in their lowest moments. This ministry engages the youth as well as the elder members to connect to the community to give back and spread love.



Sharing our Love

We bring the service to you! Our Service with the Elderly ministry is at a local nursing home that allows us to share our God given power and joy with those who are unable to come to our church services. We sing songs, share testimonies and declare healing and deliverance through the word of God during our visits.



Giving Hope

The Ronald McDonald House ministry is a special ministry established by Sister Jackie Mathis. This is truly an experience to see your prayers at work. We provide families who are temporarily living at the Ronald McDonald House with warm meals, uplifting songs, and life changing prayers. Through this ministry you will know that prayer still works!



Spreading the Truth

Outreach to the community with Minister Jared Nesmith where he tells the good news and declares the unadulterated word that Jesus is the son of God. We encourage people to come to discover hope, joy and hear the truth.



Raising Godly Men

Lead by Deacon Randy Mathis and co= lead by Brother Douglas Hollis and Minister Jared Nesmith. The Brotherhood is a group to cultivate and raise God fearing men. Teaching them naturally and spiritually how to be leaders in the church, in their homes, and the community. The Brotherhood offers a safe place to grow for our young men to become all what God has for them.


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Empowering Women

These sisters of faith come together during the Sisterhood group to inspire, support and empower each other to be all the Lord says and thinks they are. Sisterhood is Lead by Sister Jackie Mathis and Co-chaired by Sister Sandra Jones, and Sister Natoya Hamilton. Here is where the women of God can learn their purpose, what it means to be a woman of God and how to walk in your calling.



A Wide Range of Initiatives

God calls the old because they know the way. The Missionary is the backbone of the church where they go out within the community to reach those who need to hear words of life. Missionary is chaired by our beloved and dedicated Sister Elizabeth Jean Beacham and Co-chaired by Sister Dolores Mollings and Sister Cynthia Hanks. The Missionary are a vital key to each ministry in helping develop and grow the church.



Inspiring Youth

FUN AND ENERGETIC! The Young People provides an exciting and safe place for young people to come to fellowship with each other and learn about God and his son Jesus Christ. The Chairlady Sister Kiona Styles and her co-chairs Sister Latasha Hanks and Sister Brittany Nesmith aspire to show young people that you can be young and saved and have fun doing it.

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